Not 4

Animation for half a decade of Un-studio. (05/10/2018)


New Packaging Added

View the full packaging project for Paradise Coffee Roasters here.



The Dogpatch it is: New Digs For Un-

After nearly five years in the Mission, Un- moved closer to the bay, next to Pier 70, one of the studio's favorite spots around. We're now in a bigger and brighter office above a bakery, cheese store and bike shop. (05/03/2018)


Un-Beer Appears on Packaging of the World

The beer we brewed and packaged last year for our the anniversary party was just picked up by one of the largest packaging blogs around, Packaging of the world.  Check it out here (04/10/2018)


Un-published (04/10/2018)


New Packaging in Progress

After we designed the logo a couple of years ago, we're now working on the packaging for Ffeine, a coffee roaster based in Chicago.


Dear Friends


We are sad to announce that Andrew is leaving Un-; however, the studio continues with Kathrin who is as motivated as ever. Andrew was an excellent business partner, fantastic designer and remains a great friend. Please read our notes below:


I want to let you know I have decided to leave Un- to explore new paths.


This decision does not come easily for me, and I am grateful for the time I have spent working with Kathrin and our clients. I am proud of the work we accomplished and value our working relationship. It has been a pleasure to work with such a talented, hard-working partner and friend. I look forward to seeing the awesome work she will create in the future.”



While I’m sad to see Andrew leave I understand his decision. We have had a great 5+ years working together with lots of exciting projects, ups and downs, and silliness, and we were able to work with a nice set of inspiring clients. Andrew was a great business partner. I will miss him dearly. At the same time I’m also very motivated to continue Un- as we have built something quite exquisite together.


Here is to many more Un-projects. Let’s make Andrew proud.”




Un-published (03/19/2018)


New Client

We are excited to start working with Belux Coffee, a specialty coffee

roaster out of Cumming, Georgia.



Un-beer in The Making

Photos from the other day: We went to Oakland to make our own beer. Un- turns 5 soon; hence, we need our own beer to celebrate. And we now have two kegs full of brews sitting and fermenting.



If the fermentation gods are good to us we will have a CA common and an amber ale ready for the party. Cheers.  (08/17/2017)


New Client

We are excited to start working with Belux Coffee, a specialty coffee

roaster out of Cumming, Georgia.




Studio poster using our geographic location (07/31/2017)


Letterpress Cravings

Created 5 years ago at Un-beginnings, a logo for Paul Weaver Associates.  Letterpressed business cards.



First Glimpse

New coffee bags for Paradise Coffee Roasters coming up. The design is an homage to coffee growers and cultures throughout the world. Get a real bag on their site! (07/03/2017)



Unused type treatments for Alumni, a clothing brand in New York. (06/27/2017)








From The Archives

Initial sketches for a typeface called Bennet we designed a while back—one of Un-studio's very first projects. (06/19/2017)


Tools for Prototyping



Prototyping a Packaging Project

We are creating a few 3d prototypes for a packaging project. Above is the gold foil before it gets applied to the printed paper. (06/12/2017)


About to Launch

The website we designed for Archetype acts as a portal to the brands they carry. It is designed to be a reference for architects and designers, searching for the right product. (06/05/2017)



Cyanotype uses the sun to expose the image. A freeing, explorative process of image making. (06/05/2017)





From Our Process: A Plain Box becomes a Display Box

These are quick mock-ups for a display box we recently created for a client. We started out with a basic box on the top left. Then we gradually refined it and gave it double walls and a lid that folds into a display panel, complete with a latch to close. (05/30/2017)





New Lighting Icons

Technical is good for you. And it's good for us. These are icons we drew for a lighting company. They help explain the features for specific lights. Each comes with a rollover to ensure that the fairly complex concept of each is clear. (05/22/2017)


Archetype Rebranded

We're working with these cool people to completely redesign their branding. It's a lighting company for architects. The logo and website just launched. Exciting times! (05/16/2017)


A Victionary Request...

One of the coolest publishers in the world, Victionary, asked Un- to submit the best spots to visit in SF.  Here is one of those, Pier 70. The guide should get published some time next year.  (12/20/2016)


Shrine Bags

Our version of urban California: this is a collaboration with Shrine, a sneaker bag company. It's complete with pony hair and illustrations of a hungry but cuddly bear. Each bag is different depending on how the illustrations fell.  (05/16/2016)


On Communication Arts Fresh

"This San Francisco–based design firm’s bold work embodies its playful, do-it-yourself ethos." It's how Communication Arts described us. We're stoked with this description.


Check it out here (01/06/2017)


Hello Chicago

A preview of what's to come: 4 colorful coffee bags designed for Ffeine, a coffee roaster located in the big Mid-West. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the coffee scene in Chicago. We're all giddy to see the new bags going into production.  (02/23/2016)


Un- Turned 3

And just like that: we turned three last Fall. We did have big plans to celebrate; and then we got lost in a sea of work. Hence, the plans to prepare a worthy birthday bash was tabled. Let's see what we can do when 4 comes up. (02/18/2016)


From oDesk to Upwork

Upwork is a service to find freelance talent around the world. Un- was involved helping to rebrand Upwork alongside their creative department and other small agencies. We supported this large rebranding with numerous marketing pieces ranging from web pages, email campaigns to global banner creation. And we met a fun, witty bunch in the Upwork creative department.


Check out Upwork here (05/06/2015)


Book Cover is Out

"The Women of San Quentin" book cover is done: a bird in a cage is the winner. Typeface choices: Archer and Circular. The book is about incarcerated transgender women in men's prisons. It will be available in August at SFINX Publishing. Until then, we have a few more pages to refine.


Order here (05/06/2015)


New Blog for Lucy

This just popped: a new lifestyle blog for Lucy, a bay area activewear company. Designed and developed by Un-. The responsive site connects readers with the brand and shares insights on healthy living, workout tips and much more. (02/10/2015)


Lucy Valentine's Day Cards

Lucky us! We spent a few days drawing in our studio last month with a super talented illustrator. And this is what we got done: a series of print and digital Valentine's Day Cards for Lucy Activewear. The cards can be shared with your workout buddies via ecards on their blog or in printed form at Lucy stores. (02/11/2015)


The Women of San Quentin

We are honored to be working with Kris Lyseggen to design her new book, which discusses the injustice of the current prison system for transgender inmates. (02/01/2015)





Mammoth Wedding

When our friend Katie asked us to design her wedding invites and gifts we were thrilled. Here is a custom koozie to hold the home brew for the reception. A fun project indeed.  (08/23/2014)


3d Experiment




It's a first for Un-. The Big Island Coffee Roasters packaging was selected to be included on the Dieline, the most prominent packaging publication there is. It's where they show the really good stuff. We're quite proud and honored that these our design passed their judgment and was fully featured.


Check out the post here (06/2/2014)


From Stealth to Launch

Un- partnered up with Viptela, a startup focusing on simplifying Fortune 500 companies' tangled web of networking, a rather complex undertaking. We transformed this complexity into illustrations, icons and charts. It was a pure B2B project, technology driven and beautifully contemporary. And it all started out with a PowerPoint presentation we designed for them. From there on, the graphics started defining the company visually on a much broader level and populated the website, a set of data documentation, banner, flyer etc. And Viptela was ready to launch. (05/15/2014)






Nomad Life Adios

2013 was a crazy year if not a nutso one. Once we outgrew our original office space, we were forced to move twice within just a few weeks. Commercial real estate is on fire in SF, what can we do. But we finally found a charming spot, one that stuck. It's  in the Mission, our neighbors design bags, sound, make videos and films and devise business strategies for others. It's a perfect environment for us. And another plus, it comes with a great big photo studio. In other words, we're happy. (05/12/2014)


Judgment Day

We love to review design. PaperSpecs asked us to do just that, and had us judge their Take Note Award. We came, we discussed, disagreed a little and then selected the winner: the napkin magazine. We were mostly drawn to it because of its idea. Unusual concept but incredibly interesting to explore. Congrats to WAX Partnership. See more about the piece here. (01/23/2014)


Seven Summits

We recently designed a new mark for Seven Summits, a film production company based in San Francisco. We are excited to be working on a new film project with them. More to come... (05/13/2014)